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Batman: Arkham City To Launch On PC On November 18th


Since it’s announcement I have been sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of Warner Bros. new Batman: Arkham City, which found itself in a press release this morning which revolved a lot around the console side of gameplay, with a sneaky PC launch date at the end.

Previously it was thought that the latest line to the Dark Knight series would lauch on PC by the 1st of November, which has been scribbled over by Warner Bros. who revealed a PC launch date for the 18th of November. Which is quite a while away considering the game was launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier today.

If you are a hardcore PC gamer you are probably a bit disappointed with the delay, just remember that a high-end PC will play this game beautifully compared to that of what console gamers will receive, Rocksteady said that:

“If you do have a super powerful high-end PC, you are going to see higher detail textures…You are going to see a more richly realised world…

…People will really love the PC version when it comes out. The wait will definitely be worth it.”

Are you going to wait for the PC version of the game? Or will you give in and get for a console?

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