Vodafone Launches ‘Nearly New’ Scheme For Mobile Phone Buyers On A Budget

Vodafone have today launched a new service named Nearly New that will allow both pay as you go and pay monthly customers to pick up a top of the line phone and still keep to their set budget.

The new scheme will offer pre-owned smartphones for those who looking for a cheaper step up the mobile phone rankings, and will be targeted to those who have yet to purchase a phone to date.

All of the Pay as You Go handsets from the scheme will be supplied with a 12 month warranty, whilst Pay Monthly customers will receive the same but lasting for 24 months.

Vodafone have said that this new scheme will allow PAYG customers to buy a new handset at a lower price, with savings of up to £155. Pay Monthly customers will also receive huge benefits of a cheaper monthly price plan.

For PAYG customers it means they can get a smartphone at a reduced up-front cost (saving up to £155) and for pay monthly customers it means they can get a smartphone on a cheaper monthly price plan.

Handsets available range within a wide spectrum including the Galaxy S III, HTC One X and iPhone 4 all available for free on pay monthly plans of just £33, the equivalent to which would normally cost £37 a month.

Pay As You Go customers can also get a pre-owned iPhone 4 on the scheme for just £250 which in comparison with a brand new models price (£405) is way to cheap to pass up.

The new scheme is available for PAYG customers in stores from today after which it will be launched online next week, Pay Monthly customers can however pick up a phone on the deal from both stores and online today.

Check out the press release below for more information.

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