Ofcom Wants Networks To Allow Pay Monthly Customers To Ditch Contracts Without Any Penalties

Currently in the UK if you want to ditch your carrier before your contract ends then you will have to pay some kind of penalty, Ofcom wants to change this with its inquiry into mid-contract price rises which could lead to the regulator forcing networks in the UK to allow their pay monthly customers to leave mid-term without penalties (this will also apply for internet contracts).

The inquiry comes after the regulator decided that allowing networks to rise the price of a contract at any point, so long as they send you a warning letter a month before is a little too far, they are proposing that customers should be able to cut the cord to their contract without penalty if they feel this rise too high.

Ofcom have invited various people including the networks themselves for a consultation of March 14th 2013, most of whom probably won’t be too happy about the proposal.

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