Second Closed beta For SimCity 2013 Coming Soon

If an hour of gameplay wasn’t enough for you during the last beta, you may be happy to know that EA and Maxis have today announced they will be launching a second closed beta, available for sign up from today.

The beta will begin on February 16th, lasting till the 17th from 9:00am EST Saturday till 9:00am EST on Sunday, and will feature what EA are calling, an “enhanced version” of the one-hour gameplay seen previously.

On the sign-up page it does say that “For a limited time,” you can “pre-order SimCity to guarantee your spot in the upcoming beta!”. I’m not sure if this means all those how have already pre-ordered the game will get access, but it might mean you won’t have to sign up again if you have already purchased the game.

Alongside the announcement of a closed beta, EA also released a new trailer, showing off the Heroes and Villains pack included in the Limited Edition content.

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