Vodafone’s CEO Calls 4G Users “Technofreaks”

Speaking to investors, Vodafone’s CEO Vittorio Colao called 4G users “technofreaks”, after visiting an EE store to try the 4G LTE speeds for himself, he said the following, “all I saw [were] technofreaks.”

The quote was first reported by Mobile News, who added that the CEO said only “early adopters” would notice the difference between LTE and HSPA+, which is obviously true as the service is so new, everyone is an early adopter.

Having tried the speeds for myself, I feel completely different to the CEO and think everyone and everyone would notice speeds 5 times faster than 3G.

Of course shortly after the news broke, EE decided to turn it into a clever marketing scheme, Tweeting the message “EE welcomes technofreaks.” in the image above, which was posted alongside the message, “In case you were curious, everyone is welcome on #4GEE…including “technofreaks”

Source: Mobile News, Twitter (EE)

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