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Tablets are one of the most popular tech products available to date, but with so many to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what to actually do with them, especially when it’s a tablet filled with a ton of features, like Sony’s Xperia™ Tablet, which allow you to do almost anything, from browsing the web to checking your Facebook page.

Personally I like to use my tablet for basically everything, I simply pop it into my bag and then when I have some free time or simply need to type something up, I will bring it out and load up the application I need for that situation, from the latest Angry Birds game, to a word document processor, but there is so much more to do than just that.

In fact one of the most popular things to do according to a recent infographic, is to download applications, with 96% of all tablet users in 2012 downloading 22 apps a day on average.

Carrying on with the stats, the research also found that 54% of people watch video’s on their tablets, 41% to read the latest news and 49% simply check the weather.

Of course there are many other uses for a tablet than just that. Check out the inforgraphic below for a quick look at some of the uses for tablets and percentages of how people actually use them, and make sure to check out Sony’s Xperia™ Tablet.


Tablet Sony - Infographic

Xperia™ Tablet


What do you think about tablets? Do you already own one? If not why don’t you?

Sound off in the comments below, let us know what you would use a tablet for.

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