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Windows 8.1 Start Button Reportedly Leaked, Could Just Be Stadock’s Start8 Software

There’s been a lot of rumors about the start button coming back since Windows 8 was first announced, however a blogger wrote on his Winsupersite blog earlier today, claiming that Microsoft will be bringing the start button back with Windows 8.1.

However to me it actually looks similar to what you get with the Stardock Start8 software.

Alongside his post, ZDNet have said that this is likely to only bring the user to the Windows 8 start screen, rather than using the interface were used too.

So far however, there’s not much information on what Microsoft will actually bring with Windows 8.1, but we do know that it will be offered as a free upgrade for all Windows 8 customers, and a preview for the updated OS will be available from June 26th.

Source: Winsupersite

Via: ZDNet

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