What are gTLDs and why you should consider getting a new one

If you haven’t created a website yet, or even thought about it then it’s likely you don’t have a clue what top-level domains are, and are something that you might even find confusing, but they aren’t actually that complicated.

Basically TLDs are at the highest level of the hierarchical domain name system, and are operated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or rather in short, iCANN.

These domains usually end in .com or rather .co.uk, however recently iCANN updated this possible list of selections with a new batch of top-level domains.

One of the first providers to provide users with these new domains is 1&1, who recently launched a new portal to allow customers to pre-order new URL endings such as .London. app, .shop, and even .online.

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In fact more than 1,000 of these gTLDs will be available over the next three years, allowing iCANN to create a less crowded world-wide web, as well as bringing a new range of options for both business owners and individuals.

And search engines have even detailed that they will be providing new adapted algorithms that will allow these new gTLDs to be regarded as well as the regular domain endings, so buying one won’t affect your SEO.

You can pre-order your own new gTLD from 1&1 today, check out some of the possibilities  today on the 1&1 website.

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