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Looking around the web for tech blogs always ends up leading you to a US one, but what happens when you want to read one that gives you the UK news, we had that same problem and in order to end it we created TechNutty.

At TechNutty we create content covering a wide range of technology related news and reviews, ranging from what goes on within the companies themselves, all the way to when the next Apple product will be released, we have also teamed up with some YouTuber’s in order to supplement the sometimes lengthy text content, this means we can target everyone, but that’s not all we also provide some really good reviews on some top of the line products.

We like to get our readers involved in our content, allowing them to discuss the stories they read through polls and comments, even allowing those want to get involved with the site to submit their own articles on out guest posts page, giving the budding authors a chance to write about technology and actually get it published. TechNutty doesn’t just provide you with a source of news, it provides you with a whole new community and a chance to get noticed, all on one site.

TechNutty isn’t owned by any companies like other blogs (not mentioning any names, you know the ones) , it’s just one guy who started of with all the correct intentions, you should know him by Nicholas Griffin our Founder and fellow blogger. This means we can bring you truly honest news and reviews, none of which will ever be biased and we are keen to keep it that way, so put your trust in a real blog, giving your real everyday tech and gaming news and reviews.

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