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What will be percentage increase of number of households with access to AT&T U-verse in forthcoming years?

About AT&T AT&T Corporation is a leading American company in the telecommunication industry. It provides Internet services to consumers, businesses, as well as government agencies. It provides its services to its customers all around the world through its affiliates and subsidiaries. Its services include Wi-Fi, voice, data, cloud-based services, and the Internet. It is the market leader in wireless technologies. Similarly, it is the pioneer in introducing 4G wireless broadband. Additionally, it offers a large number of wireless phones to its customers. Along with that, it offers one of the most unique TV services, i.e. AT&T U-verse. What is AT&T U-verse? AT&T has come up with an entirely new technology to serve its tech-savvy customers. It has used fiber-optic technology...

Can Evi Beat Siri With Its Processing Skills and Search Technology?

The launch of Siri, a voice recognition intelligence feature on the iPhone 4S, was a breakthrough moment in the smartphone wars. It showed the world that Apple led the way when it came to new technology. The creation of an application that actually talked to you caught the attention of the consumers, leading to record breaking sales of the iPhone 4S. Apple will still be smarting over its triumph in this regard. The other brands are still trying to come up with a similar feature. However, Siri has a competitor: Evi. Strange as it may sound, Evi has not been developed by any major IT firm. It has been created and developed by little known tech company, True Knowledge, based...

Will the Demand for Converter Modules Increase Because of Integration Between Wireless Link and Fiber Optic?

Introduction The improvement in technology has enabled millions of people around the world to get access to the internet. The demand keeps increasing hence the companies are working round the clock to upgrade the technology. The new developments provide more people a chance to enjoy high speed connectivity. The number of service providers has also increased to cater to the rising demand. One of the major breakthroughs in internet technology is the integration between wireless link and fiber optic. After this integration, it is expected that the experience of using the internet is going to get even better than it is now. The Integration between Wireless Link and Fiber Optic Originally when the internet came around, the connections were based...