[Update] Last night’s launch (or this morning’s for us Brits) was succesffuly, breaking space launch records with the launch of 104 satellites.

ISRO tweeted the following about it:

[Original Story] Later today (or tomorrow morning for us Brits) an Indian PSLV rocket will be launched from Sriharikota, India with the aim of breaking a huge record, launching a massive total of 104 satellites, which is the largest selection of satellites that has even been launched by a single rocket at once.

88 of these satellites are Planet’s probes, which will be used to take pictures of the Earth at high resolution.

They call them their Doves and they will be launched as part of what they are calling Flock 3P. They will join more than 50 other Dove probes in Orbit as the 15th time that the company has launched their Dove probes into orbit.

They can launch so many of these at the same time because of their small space, with each Dove being about 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. They will also be joined by another 15 satellites from countries around the world.

But India’s Cartosat 2D will be the main objective of the PSLV launch later today, which is a high-resolution observation satellite.

Cartosat 2D will be deployed into orbit first, after which, each Dove will be deployed on a timed sequence into a Sun-synchronous orbit once every 10-20 sec0nds.

The launch has been scheduled for 3:58AM GMT tomorrow morning in the UK or 10:58PM ET/ 19:58 PST later today in the US. We will be sure to update this article as more news about the launch is revealed.

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