Last night HBO broke records once again with the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

The particular record that the broke was the number of viewers who tuned into the live broadcast, which was a massive 10.1 million at its highest.

We don’t know which channels this number comes from or if it includes viewers from other regions outside of the US, we suspect this might be at least heavily weighted across the pond.

HBO did state that the episode titled “Dragonstone” did beat the max viewers of last year’s season 6 finale, which hit 8.89 million viewers.

We do also know that the number doesn’t include streaming views, which were set of 6 million views for the episode.

That makes the record 16.1 million if you include those streaming views.

We expect that this is only the start of the continued rise of Game of Thrones and we will be sure to update should we hear about another record breaking episode.

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