Humble Bundle has just launched something different to the usual gaming bundles, the Humble eBook Bundle is available from today on the usual pay what you want deal.

The eBooks include Pirate Cinema, Pump Six, Other Stories, Zoo City, Invasion: The Secret World Chronicle, Stranger Things Happen and Magic For beginners, if you choose to pay over the average you can also pick up Old Man’s war and the graphic novel Signal to Noise.

All of the books are DRM-free and will work with a computer, eBook reader or even mobile devices, and as Signal to Noise has never been in the eBook form before it is actually making its debut with the service.

As with all the Humble Bundles, you can also chose to give a percentage of your money to a charity which all goes into one pot and will  then go in various percentages to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play Charity the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Check out the new bundle below.

Source: Humble Bundle

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