Apple’s WWDC 2013 conference is almost upon us, and with Apple expected to release a new version of both their iOS and Android operating systems, it’s likely we might see some design changes in their update, especially with Jony Ive on board.

One rumor for that design scheme, is a flat UI, something that has been rumored since Ive was announced as the designer for iOS 7.


And with that, various designers have already took to the web posting some of their concepts of what they think the OS will look like.

An obvious starting point to show off some of these concepts is of course the lock screen, for which the Dribble user, Kyle Adams posted his concept for the design as pictured above, with a lock that hasn’t changed much in terms of functionality, but does look both simple and clean.

ios 7 home screen conccept

Next on the line-up is a lockscreen concept, designed by the Alex Iv it also features a flat UI, but still featuring the same grid design we have all come to know.

Something that we would love to see featured, but very much doubt it will ever be included, is the above animation, created by the Dribble user; Dámaso Benítez looks at how apps could be navigated with a simple left or right swipe over an icon.

app switcher

The app switcher is probably one of the worst features in the current version of iOS, and I suspect it isn’t just me that thinks that, however Jesse Head‘s recent design for iOS 7, certainly makes it look a little more decent and maybe even more functional.

Jesse also made a video to showcase some of his ideas for the new app switcher, check that out here.

ios7 messages

Personally I don’t mind the messages app the current version of iOS, its clean, with an easy to use keyboard and a simple design, which is probably why the designer of this next concept (Pieter Goris) decided to keep it much of the same, however it does feature that new flat UI design.

What do you think about the choices we made for some of the best iOS 7 concepts? Have any more, send us a link in the comments below and we might just feature it!

Before you do however, check out this concept video:

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