It’s often difficult to know how the best iPad cases on the market actually differ. Well, the truth is that there is very little difference between those cases that cost just shy of £80 and those under £10 other than brand names. After buying your iPad, you’re obviously not going to want to be spending an awful lot more money on the case, especially when it’s in excess of £80 – imagine all the awesome apps you could get instead! Therefore, I’ve written this article to review the case that deserves the title of “best bang for your buck”.

There’s no reason why you should immediately judge a cheaper case as being of poor quality although it’s easily done and is often just a natural response to those huge disparities in price. I can assure you though, the Deluxe Red iPad Case is a product that boasts quality features without that “quality” price. At just £6.05, this is definitely the best case for those on a budget.

The first fantastic feature to point out is the full red leather visual that gives your iPad an entirely new look and is a welcome change from the countless dreary black, brown and grey cases on the market. Being made from leather is also a great feature that ensures the product is sturdy and capable of keeping your iPad in pristine condition in the event of those everyday calamities. You won’t have to worry about it falling to pieces in a month either!

Now I’m sure part of the reason for you to buy an iPad case is to take advantage of that elevation feature that allows you to type at an angle and better see the keys. Well, the Deluxe Red iPad Case excels in this area with a hugely customizable level of tilt that pivots from a layer of rubber as opposed to forcing you to use the specified slots which often can’t satisfy every user’s preference.

A final fantastic feature to point out is the ability to still easily access every slot and button around the edge of the iPad which is a common problem amongst some other cheaper cases. This really is one of the best iPad cases on the market, if not the best iPad case if you’re a little short on cash. When you don’t want to break the bank protecting your iPad from clumsiness, look no further than the Deluxe Red iPad Case – you have very little to lose!

Always be sure to keep your iPad zipped up and cased regardless of how much money you have to spend. A cheaper case is always better than no case, and some exceptional cheaper cases can be better than those three times the price, as we know from the Deluxe! So keep your iPad safe, they don’t come cheap as I’m sure you realise.

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Author: Katie Lockburn
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