The Nokia X1-00 is one of the cheapest phones ever to be produced by Nokia and whilst it’s features aren’t that spectacular the device does come with some decent music support, the price straight off marks the device as one for people on a budget who want a phone with some sort of entertainment.

The main point I should point out is that this phone is extremely basic with no camera, web access or basically anything you would get on a modern mobile phone, the X1-00 can only produce 2G GSM voice calls, SMS messaging is just SMS messaging no email or MMS but the device does have one trick up its sleeve.

Probably the best feature of the X1-00 it’s its mp3 player and dedicated buttons for use when playing your music, the phone also has a microSD card slot capable of offering up to 16GB of storage, the phone also supports all 3.5mm headphones and has it’s own large speaker.

As well as the music player the phone also has it’s own FM radio player and a handy torch, which for some reason has become a standard feature on affordable handsets, which I think is because a lot of people use them as a sort of disposable phone for camping etc.

This phone is great for anyone on a budget, but do not expect too much out of it there but if just want a phone to text, call, play music and see in the dark this phone is perfect, defiantly one I would get for a festival or camping trip, or even for granddad.


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