It seems as though HTC’s slogan, “quietly brilliant” might not appear to be relevant anymore, as the companies CMO, Ben Ho decided to comment on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch earlier today, calling the phone  “more of the same”, going on to send out a selection of Tweets claiming the whole event to be #theNextBigFlop, obviously calling out to Samsung’s The Next Big Thing slogan.

Of course Ho then went on to describe HTC’s latest One smartphone as “original cutting-edge technology, mouth-watering design and a premium feel” something that the customers “different from the mainstream” want according to the CMO.

Here’s his full statement:

“With a continuation of a plastic body, and a larger screen being the most obvious physical change, Samsung’s new Galaxy pales in comparison to the all-aluminum unibody HTC One.

“This is more of the same. HTC remains the best option for those people looking for the best technology wrapped in premium design. Our customers want something different from the mainstream, who appear to be the target for the Galaxy.

“Our customers want original cutting-edge technology, mouth-watering design and a premium feel from their mobiles, which is why we created the HTC One.”

Let us know what you think of all this and the Galaxy S4 below.

Via: EnGadget

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