Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday, a phone which will be a sure hit with many buyers around the world  something we didn’t mention however was the accessories, which can add a few more features to the devices themselves.

The first of which, is Samsung’s answer to the fitness bands that have been popping up everywhere, the S Band which will feature a pedometer to track your steps, as well your calories.

The S Band will also be link-able to a separate heart rate monitor device and weight, for access to more stats.

s view cover

The second of the more interesting accessories was the S View filp cover, which carries a design I’m sure only a Korean could think of, with a see-through window/ cutout towards the top of the cover, that will allow you to see various information from the phone’s actual screen, such as the time, battery life and call/ messaging information.

Also unveiled was a GamePad which can sync with the S4 via NFC capabilities, pairing over Bluetooth for the actual connection, to use it you simply slot your phone into the pad (max size is 4-6.3 inches) and then hit the pair button.

The GamePad will give you extra controls such as dual-thumbsticks, A,X,B and Y buttons and directional buttons, as well as a set of control buttons for various functions on the phone itself.

s ggamepad


They also unveiled a wireless charging pad, a set of flip covers in various colours including black, white, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

They also unveiled a leather pouch, a protective cover+ in clear, pink, green, blue and black, there’s also handset that looks pretty decent and an extra battery kit,

There’s no pricing or availability for any of these accessories yet, but I presume they will all launch alongside the S4 on April 26th.

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