Right of the bat, I’m going to say that Quantic Dream’s Beyond Two Souls game looks excellent, with amazing looking graphics, and a great story to boot, well from what we have seen anyway.

Which after today has suddenly turned into quite a large amount of the game, as the developer has now released a whole 35 minutes of gameplay for the game, mostly featuring the star of the game, Ellen Page who as you might know, plays Jodie, the main character.

From what we can tell so far, the storyline of the game goes kinda like this, Jodie somehow finds herself connected to some entity that seems to act as a sort of supernatural guardian, protecting Jodie from troubles that may face her.

And that’s about it, but we have yet another trailer that might just reveal more about the game’s story, also released at the Tribeca Film Festival, this one shows shortened down version of the trailer above, with added backstory.

Beyond: Two Souls will release exclusively for the PlayStation 2 on October 8th 2013.

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