We have been using 3DMark’s benchmarking apps for some time in our reviews, it has remained pretty much the same for some time, but today Futuremark have announced an upgrade to its benchmarking software.

In this update they will be allowing desktop owners to determine if better cooling is needed, find faulty components and find the problems that may be causing instability.

Futuremark say that more than two-thirds of their 3DMark users check the stability of their overclocks with the software and more than half test their system’s cooling performance, and now they are making it easier for their users to do this.

These new levels of stress testing will be based on the benchmarks that are already included in 3DMark, which are Fire Strike Ultra, Fire Strike Extreme, Fire Strike, and Sky Driver.

In this stress test, 3DMark will run a loop without pausing, and for those who have the Advanced Edition of 3DMark, which will run 20 loops for a total of 10 minutes. the Professional Edition can run any number of loops from 2 to 5,000.

After the test, 3DMark will show a Frame Rate Stability score for your system, which should be at least 97 percent for the test to pass.

To run the new software, you will need at least a dual-core Intel or AMD processor that is clocked at 1.8GHz or more, alongside at least 2GB of RAM, 3GB of storage, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card, and at least Windows Vista.

That said, Futuremark recommends at least Windows 10, 4GB of RAM, and a graphics chip with 1GB of dedicated memory that supports DirectX 11.

The 3DMark Advanced Edition costs $25 on Futuremark’s website and Steam, while the Professional Edition is $995, you’ll have to Contact Futuremark here for that.

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