A community manager from Cloud Imperium Games accidentally leaked 48GB worth of assets for the upcoming game Star Citizen. Upon hastily posting a new set of photos for the game, he forgot that the post also contained enough of a CDN link to allow some very clever fans to find content that they didn’t want to be posted.

All of the assets work in CryEngine, so it is possible to load them and take a look, however what many users have found is incomplete work, as you would expect due to the fact the assets likely use in-house design tools and cannot be imported completely.

We can however see a good amount of detail from these assets, with anew video released today that shows off some of these unfinished ships.

You can check out that video of the unfinished ships below.

Beware however the video might not be there forever.

You can also find out more at the link below.

Via: WCCFtech

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