It was predicted that the 4G switch on would likely defeat Freeview signals across the UK due to their proximity to each other, but after a test that was carried out in the West Month late last month, this prediction may have been proven wrong.

The test, which was carried out by the at800 group put out Freeview signals in only 15 out of the 22,000 homes that could have been effected.

After which, Simon Beresford-Wyile the chief exec at at800 said the following about the test, “This was a useful, small-scale test. Further extensive evaluation will occur during April and May as masts are switched on for tests across larger urban areas.”

Set up by the mobile networks to help minimise disruption from the 4G switch on, at800 is basically in charge of a £180m fund, which they can use to help effected households.

Those which last their signal in the previous test were gifted a free signal booster box for their Freeview set, and if they were unable to set it up, they would also be receiving a free installation, but with only 14 homes effected, I can’t see that £180m going down to quickly.

Via: Telegraph

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