A couple of weeks ago, EE announced that they will be the first to bring a 4G wireless internet signal to the Glastonbury Festival, and true to their word, EE have now revealed just how they will be doing that.

It will be rolling in their own modified eco-friendly tractor that will basically become a mobile hotspot on wheels.

4gee tractor 2

The tractor will be trackable via EE’s Twitter and Facebook pages, where the company will be posting pictures as well as letting customer know where the tractor is going, and eve better, the company will event let non-EE customers use the Wi-Fi too.

Smartphone or tablet users will be able to connect to the tractor, completely free from 10 metres away, which will grant them 4G access, even if there phone or any other device does not support it.

Make sure to check the @EE Twitter account for more information over the weekend.

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