Ahead of a major 4K rollout, Netflix has today announced that it will be rolling out 4K UHD streaming from 2013, starting with its Emmy award-winning, House of Cards series .

With a select few 4K TVs capable of streaming in 4K from the get go, the 4K streaming will be accessible more or less straight away from 2014.

Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt told Stuff: “We’re not naming specific manufacturers, but we have several of the major TV vendors who are going to be producing 4K capable TVs – they’ll be announcing them at CES.”

Going onto mention that Netflix aren’t doing this just for the extra pixels, but are also impressed with the accessibility of the higher frame rate technology, allowing them to stream content like The Hobbit which was shot at 48fps, however that technology will likely be rolling out at a later date, possibly 2015.

However Netflix will be focusing on streaming its own original series content, due to a lack of 4K content around right now, streaming it only through capable 4K Smart TVs as currently they are the only devices that can do so.

It will be interesting to see if any new 4K technology gets revealed at CES 2014 this January.

Via: Stuff

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