The future of technology is most likely going to include the Internet of Things, a system that will connect our homes in the future in ways we can only imagine, thankfully we don’t have to do so too much as this technology is already making its way into our homes, or soon will.

The latest of these home technologies launched on Kickstarter today called the BlueGuard-E, it is a smart lock that aims to be an automatic switch for your entire home, and they claim it to be the safest smart lock on the market.

The lock itself is designed with industrial steel and is powered by four AA batteries, it also connects with an app and a special key fob, that allows you to unlock something like your front door at the hit of a button, whilst allowing you to use a regular key or keypad code if you prefer.

And once this has been unlocked, the BlueGuard-E can connect to the rest of your gadgets and activate them as you walk through the door.

Within the app you are also able to give other people a permanent or temporary digital key to your home.

The smart lock is now available to back on Kickstarter for $79.

Source: Kickstarter

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