Two devices have today been leaked, the first is a 8.3 inch Lumia 2520 and the second is a 4.5 inch Dual-SIM Lumia 525 smartphone, both of which have appeared in testing documents in India and were leaked via, which is a logistics site that covers import and export information for India.

The leaked tablet has been codenamed the RX-115 and will reportedly feature a 8.3 inch IPS LCD display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, packing a SIM card slot and Stylus support.

The smartphone however has been codenamed the RM-977 and was reportedly sent to India for evaluation on November 21st and will be released soon, featuring a 4..5 inch screen and a dual-SIM port.

Of course nothing is official as of yet.

Via: phonearena

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