Jesse Harlin, a guy who used to by a Staff Composer for LucasArts, took to Facebook on Friday to release his own statement about the company closing, titled ‘A Eulogy for LucasArts’, the Facebook status reads, “It’s customary to say something on behalf of a loved one when they depart. So, I wrote this for all of those who I’ve worked with over the years.”

“LucasArts died today. It was 30 years old.” he continues, “Ask gamers to recall George Lucas’ gaming company and they’ll tell you about fulfilled childhood fantasies inside the cockpit of a TIE Bomber or laugh with you about insult sword fighting. They remember the time they spent in the boots of Kyle Katarn, Ben Throttle, or Boss. They remember our successes and they remember our stumbles. But that was the public face of LucasArts.” going on to talk about LucasArts accomplishments and remembering the years Jesse and the rest of the team worked on varies games for the company.

Finishing with the words, “Rest in peace, LucasArts. And thank you for the memories.”

Something like this shows how much the developers within a game actually care for their title, Jesse came out and said it, instead of hiding behind a press release, he decided the best way would be to share his thoughts head on, and I commend him for that, and I’m sure many other gamers around the world who have had the joy of playing a LucasArts game would say the same.

The company will be missed by many, but I very much doubt it will be forgotten.

You can read more of Jesse’s post at the source below, the image can also be found at the second link.

Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

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