The a-Jays One+ earphones carry the same flat cable much like that of most recently released earphones on the market, which allows for a tangle free cable, this teamed up with the beds which have been designed to be inserted inside you ear canals for a better seal make a great set of headphones for load environments.

The 3.5mm jack on the other end of the earphones is at a 90 degree right angle, which can get in the way when using the touchscreen on something like an iPhone or Android phone, but personally I prefer a right angle as it comes out easier than headphones without one, also it is a lot more durable, the thing is, these headphones won’t work with any old Mp3 player because of the four contacts outside the jack, so if you want a pair for that you will have to set your sights on a different pair.

At the top of the right hand side cable is a single button control piece,, which allows you to play/ pause, skip and fast forward/ rewind your music and even take or end a phone call, I did find this made the right hand side of the earphones kind of heavy, which meant the right headphone fell out a lot, and I mean a lot.

The microphone built-into the control piece is great however, and had no problems with people not hearing me during a phone call, one thing that really impressed me about these headphones is the noise isolation, which I found to work brilliantly, I have been testing these earphones for a couple of weeks and when walking down main roads, I found car noise to be very minimal, so much so I would defiantly advice not wearing these when driving or doing something where you need to hear, as they do very well at blocking out the outside noise.

The sound quality is great to, with a perfect and deep bass response, making these earphones a sure choice for any listener who likes their electronic and hip hop music, but I found that spoken word sometimes became a little distorted when listening to TV programmes or films.

They do however perform extremely well in the mid and high ranges, producing a vibrant overall sound, that’s great for any genre of music, I found rock and heavy metal to work really well with these earphones too, anything with a drum in it and your on to a winner.

These earphones are available in black and white from MobileFun for £39.99 where you can also pick up various headphones and iPhone accessories.

There’s one thing we forgot to mention before you go, these headphones also come with their own Android app on the Google Play Store which allows you to control and change how the button works with your Android phone, allowing you to change to type of button presses you need to do in order to perform various commands.

The headphones also include 5 ear buds ranging from XS to XL, and come packed with an 115cm so a great for use from any distance.

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