A Kickstarter application has been available on Apple’s iOS for some time now, allowing users to check up on the latest Kickstarter projects on their mobile for some time now.

And now the crowd funding website has finally launched a similar app for the Android platform.

Allowing users to browse current and old Kickstarter projects, as well as pledge to any projects that they find interesting.

With the app you are also able to receive updates on existing projects that your have backed, and see what projects your friends have backed.

Kickstarter explains more:

Explore thousands of creative projects all on the Kickstarter app!

Kickstarter is home to a community of people working to bring creative projects to life. Together, they’ve pledged over $2 billion to support everything from art, to games, innovative technologies, Oscar-winning documentaries, and much, much more.

You can download the application from the Google Play Store today for free.

Source: Google Play Store

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