Apple is set to reveal the next iPhone later this year in September, but before then we will see a lot of leaks and rumours before then. Up to today, we have only heard about one size for the new smartphone, however, a leak that was posted today may hint at more than that.

According to an image that was published on Weibo and posted by 9to5Mac, there will be three different sizes coming with the latest iPhone announcement, including the iPhone 7S, the iPhone 7S Plus, and the iPhone 8.

These are just chassis moulds of the devices, however, they do reveal quite a bit about the smartphones.

We can see the sizes of the smartphones, as well as the camera positions of all of the smartphones.

The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus look to have a similar camera design to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus respectively, however, the iPhone 8 looks to change things up a bit with a vertical configuration.

According to previous rumours, the iPhone 8 will also feature a dual front-facing camera, along with a lot more on top of that.

Of course, we only have rumours so far, and this particular rumour might not be real as it doesn’t come from a particularly well-known source.

We will update you as we hear more.

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