This message is actually kinda hard to make, it is something that I have been writing over the course of the last couple of months and haven’t really been able to really finish, but now is finally the time to get this news out there and let you know the exact reason why we haven’t been posting as much content as regularly as we do normally.

Basically, I simply don’t have the time to manage TechNutty anymore.

Over the last 6 years or so, I have been managing pretty much every aspect of TechNutty from the analytics to the content that is posted to the advertisements that keep the site running and this has been a great journey, I have learned a lot of stuff and I have had the chance to talk to hundreds of thousands of people every month and share my own opinions on the technology industry and the products that come from them.

Because of this site, I have managed to expand my skills in knowledge, try out fantastic products from companies like Vodafone and Edifier, while being able to experiment with one of my favourite things to do, web development.

For about five years, I have been using this site as not just a place to share my opinions on technology but also to try out web design and development on my own site and because of that time, I am now happy to say that I am now working as a full-time web developer.

While that does mean that I no longer have the time to manage this site, I am now able to expand my skills within an arena that I am thoroughly interested in.

So to round things up, although it is sad to say, this site will no longer be posting content regularly, or probably not at all.

I will be keeping all of the previous content accessible on this site, however, as of today, I am removing all advertisements from the site and simplifying things.

Thanks for reading,

Nicholas Griffin

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