If you are a huge fan of emoji then you might be interested in this recently announced keyboard, which features keys that are dedicated to typing emoji.

Created by an Austin-based company called EmojiWorks, the physical keyboard can be used to type a range of emojis easily, but also as a normal keyboard.

When you feel the need to type an Emoji all you have to do is press one of the Emoji buttons at the bottom of the keyboard, once you have done that the keys will turn into the emoji they have been assigned with.

All this with the latest emoji, and Bluetooth compatibility that allows it to work with Mac, PC and mobile devices.

There will be three separate keyboards available, the basic with one emoji per key or 47 in total, the Plus with two emoji per key or 84, and the Pro with three emoji per key or 120.

The Plus and Pro versions also come with skin tone modifying buttons.

The keyboards cost $79.95 (about £51), $89.95, and $99.95, respectively.

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