The WiFI Alliance has this week announced that they have finally approved the 802.11ah WiFi standard.

Dubbed HaLow, it will allow approved devices to operate in the currently unlicensed 900MHz band, which has double the range of the current 2.4GHz standard, uses less power than 2.4GHz, and has better wall penetration, all with the aim of making home connected devices the best that they can be.

The new standard will focus on products that provide integrations with the Internet of Things, meaning that things like your connected bulbs, cameras or sensors will have enough signal to be able to work efficiently.

The WiFi Alliance say that HaLow will also adopt a number of existing WiFi protocols including IP connectivity, which should mean that devices will retain the Wi-Fi-grade security and interoperability.

The group hopes that this new standard will bring a number of devices to our homes, with even wider uses cases, stating that the new standard will support “a variety of new power-efficient use cases in the smart home, connected car … as well as industrial, retail, agriculture and smart city environments.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what comes from this, and as always we will keep you up to date.

Source: WiFi Alliance

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