A pensioner in the UK took Apple to court yesterday after they wiped his iPhone photos and contacts when repairing his phone.

It all happened when Deric White took his iPhone to one of the Apple Stores to be repaired without backing up his device, the Apple Store did fix his iPhone, but when it was returned White found out that all of his contacts, and photos, including his honeymoon photos had been deleted.

And so White decided to take Apple to court.

Now this might seem like a battle that can’t be won, given that its pretty common knowledge that you should back up your device before getting it repaired, and normally Apple does say so before taking a job.

However a judge in the UK did rule in the favor of White, ordering Apple to pay him £1,200 in damages, which is actually a massive win considering he originally only asked £500 originally.

Mr. White explained more in the following statement:

“Big firms like Apple think they are invincible, but it’s about time someone brought them to book for the way they treat people.

“Even though the stakes were tiny for them, they refused to settle this matter and insisted on seeing me in court.

“Hopefully today’s judgement has wiped the smirk off their faces.”

Apple now has 14 days to pay White the £1,200 in damages as well as his court costs, which were £773.

This will also set a precedent for others, and could mean that Apple will have to change the way they conduct repairs.

Via: The Sun

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