Over the last few weeks we have been busy building up TechNutty, and whilst you were unwrapping your new gadgets and celebrating the new year, we decided to give TechNutty a spring clean, updating both its core technology to make sure that it can provide the best service during 2016.

Probably the biggest thing we did in order to achieve this was move TechNutty from our previous host, Tsohost to a brand new dedicated server on DigitalOcean.

This was a huge decision for us as we have used Tsohost since we first moved from Blogger to our own domain in 2011, but now that it is 2016, TechNutty requires more than what we can get from Tsohost unfortunately and as such we decided that the site would be better suited on DigitalOcean’s servers. Of course this was no easy feat, with over 6,000 articles on the site, we had to get smart and find the best way to get the site on the new host.

And so we did our second optimisation for 2016 and that was a full and early spring clean, reducing the size that TechNutty takes up on our servers, and getting rid of some of the old code that has built up over the last few years, not only did this mean that TechNutty was easier to move, it also means that the site is now a lot faster and more responsive.

Screenshot 2016-01-03 01.01.45

But we weren’t done there, spurred on by the change in the server we decided that we should probably do some performance upgrades to, and we have. Since the change we have implemented Redis, Memcached and OPcache into the TechNutty server to make sure things can be cached on our end as often as possible, what this means is that you are getting a much faster TechNutty, without having to do anything on your end.

PumbaAs some of you may know we have been using CloudFront for a CDN for some time now, it allows us to get content to you as quickly as possible by loading it from the closest Amazon server to you. With the latest upgrade we have decided to tweak this implementation by changing the CloudFront domains to our own, in preparation for the implementation of HTTP/2 (which is already implemented into TechNutty on supported browsers, on those that don’t support HTTP/2 we use the SPDY protcol.), a new technology that is set to change how websites load completely, you can find out more about it here.

But we didn’t want to change the domains to the usual CDN.example.com, or CDN1.example.com, that’s just plain boring. Instead, the domains will be named after the characters from the Lion King, Pumba and Zazu, because why not?

So from now onwards you will find that all of our images will be loaded from pumba.technutty.co.uk, and all of our other static content will be loaded from zazu.technutty.co.uk. We should note that you may have to refresh your cache in order for your browser to recognise the HTTPS certificates for these domains, also this means that we no longer support a number of browsers, as they do not support the SNI protocol, you can find out which here: http://caniuse.com/#search=sni

The final change for this first month of 2016 was to update our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, we have changed the wording somewhat, and included more information in our Privacy Policy, however, most of what I said in this article back in August of last year remains the same.

If you have any questions be sure to drop us a message via our contact us page, we hope you had a great Christmas and that 2016 continues to be fantastic.

This was the morning report.

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