Climbing a skyscraper normally is pretty impressive, however, LG has found to make it even more impressive.

This is the news that the extreme climber Blair-Coyle scaled a skyscraper using the suction of a vacuum cleaner alone.

This was done with the LG CordZero Sierra vacuum, which uses an 80V Lithium-ion battery to allow it to be used without the need of a cord.

Blair-Coyle used two of the vacuums, one for each hand, using both till she reached about halfway up the 33-story tower, at which point she swapped out the vacuums with some charged ones.

LG says that the vacuum can last up to 40-minutes from a single charge, however, Blair did run out of power a bit quicker than that, so it’s likely that the vacuums were overclocked somewhat.

Check out the extreme feat via the video below.

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