This week Android Police released a report that Nest will soon announce a new indoor security camera that features an impressive 4K resolution.

However, it won’t actually record in 4K.

interestingly, it will use this 4K resolution to provide “cool zooming tricks” according to Android Police.

Although it could record in 4K, the report suggests that it will output a 1080p footage, with a 1080p resolution zoom that’s available when the camera detects motion. This is particularly important as it means you won’t need a hefty device or connection in order to stream the security footage.

This means you will get much more detail when you need it.

Android Police explained more about it:

“That zoomed view is still a 1080p image, so you will actually be able to see what’s going on. There will also be a down-scaled 1080p full frame view available, thus you can view either zoomed or full 1080p feeds.”

Elsewhere in the report, Android Police claimed that it will use USB-C and they even claimed that they will be making some features free.

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