Yesterday Acer announced its fifth smartphone to be announced in 2013, dubbed the Acer Liquid Z3, the design of the new handset is based on Acer’s new slogan,  “Less is more” cramming decent enough specs into a small form factor.

Running with a 3.5 inch display, the Liquid Z3 is sized at 109 x 60 x 10.4 mm, leaving enough room for an unnamed 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 4GB inbuilt storage, a 3 megapixel rear facing camera, support for WiFi GPS and HSPA+, and it even runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, with an update for 4.3 coming soon.

There’s also a new Quick Mode feature that allows users to select from four different profiles depending on how they wish to use the phone, tailored to both the young and the old.

The Acer Liquid Z3 will launch in black and white, coming with an optional flip cover that is available in Rock Black, Classic White, Sakura Pink, Pop Yellow, and Lagoon Turquoise.

The phone will be available in Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, and Russia for 99 euros or around $132.


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