Acer has today announced that they are going to be launching their own Chromebook, called the Chromebook 15 the new Chromebook features a 15.6 inch display and is set to be launched during CES 2015, however details for the Chromebook have already been revealed.

One of those features is that the Chromebook 15 provides 27 per cent more space than the usual 13.3 inch models, and this new model will come in a number of different versions.

The display also has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080, or 1366 x 769 if you prefer to play a little less for the laptop.

You can also choose between either a 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor or and Intel Celeron processor, as well as either a 16 or 36GB SSD and either 2 or 4GB of RAM.

The Chromebook 15 also weighs 2.2kg and measures 393 x 256 x 24.2mm, featuring a design that has the sole purpose of withstanding attacks from the outside world.

The price of the Chromebook 15 will start at $249.99. As of yet UK pricing and availability has yet to be announced, however we should find out more at CES 2015 next week.

Source: Acer

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