Today Acer unveiled two new 10-inch Iconia tablets, the Iconia Tab 10 and the Iconia One 10, both of which feature MediaTek processors, an eight hour battery life (according to Acer), Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed, and DTS-HD Premium Sound, however, they come with different purposes.

The Iconia Tab 10 is the more feature-full of the two devices, including a Quantum dot display that places a layer of Quantum dots over the regular LCD panel to emit various amounts of light and produce a wider colour range for better colour range. The Tab 10 also comes with a subwoofer on top of the aforementioned sound tech, along with Acer’s MediaMaster software for customising the preferences of the sound.

The Acer Iconia One 10 is focused more towards productivity. It doesn’t feature that Quantum dot display or subwoofer, however, it does feature two Micro USB ports that allow you to charge and plug in accessories at the same time.

Both of these tablets will also come with Acer’s EZ software tools, including EZ WakeUp, which opens up a preselected app with a hand gesture, as well as EZ Snap for taking a screenshot with a three-finger pinch, and an EZ Mode that allows you to customise the interface to keep apps and settings hidden.

Acer has yet to announce the pricing or availability of either of these new Iconia tablets, however, we will update you when we know.

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