Before CES even started this year we all knew that there would be mountains of companies releasing their very own Ultrabooks, Acer is just one of these companies and will be releasing their brand new Windows 8 Ultrabooks sometime in the second half of this year, with Acer being the first to produce this kind of computer.

Well according to Acer’s CEO anyway who stated this at the CES 2012, Acer press conference:

“By Q2 this year we will have four models of Ultrabook [on the market]. More will come when next generation Windows launches in the second half [of 2012] we will launch another wave of Ultrabook product line,”

Wang added:

“We estimate this year that 25-35 per cent of Acer [notebook products] will be Ultrabook. In the next two years we will make Ultrabook a mainstream [product] and we will cover all customers and all segments.”

“We see a lot of opportunities can be created…we see a lot of [ways to capitalise on these in the] second half of this year.”

amongst their new Ultrabook line they released the brand new Acer Aspire S5 today, which will be accompanied with the already launched S3, alongside which they also revealed their very own Acer Timeline Ultra, which as you can probably guess is the first Ultrabook they will be making, and will also feature its own inbuilt optical drive, (oh how we miss those)

What do you think?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below, and whilst you’re heading down there make sure to check out the rest of the news from today a CES 2012.


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