Acer has today revealed that they will be launching some new smartphones and wearables during MWC.

Set to kick off next week, Mobile World Congress 2015 will be the day that we will see a number of different announcements from a range of manufactures.

Already we have heard that some of these announcements might include a Sony Xperia Z5, a Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Edge, the HTC One M(, and now a range of Acer products.

Acer revealed this via a photo that they posted on Facebook earlier today, announcing that they will be launching a number of ‘new smartphones and wearable’ during the event.

Acer MWC

As of yet we haven’t heard any official news about what the devices might be announcing, or even some rumours to give us a hint at those devices.

We will however hear the official news from Acer when they make their announcements during Mobile World Congress 2015.

Source: Facebook

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