Acer announced a lot of new products at this weeks IFA, one of which is a unique modular PC called the Acer Revo.

The modular mini PC will launch in October and will be priced from £180, but this can increase depending on the configuration of the modular PC.

Those configurations include anything from the processor, which can range from a Intel Pentium processor all the way up to the Intel Celeron Skylake processor.

The PC measures just 12.5 x 12.5 cms and will features 32GB of flash storage, 8GB of upgradeable RAM, as well as the ability to fit the modular PC with modules for hard drives, graphics cards and wireless charging units.

Acer explains more in the following statement:

The new Revo Build Series (M1-601) Mini PC takes a modular approach to allow consumers to customize their computer without opening up the chassis. “Blocks” with different features can be easily stacked on top of the base unit, which makes adding functionality as easy as playing with toy blocks. The “Blocks” are connected through pogo pins with magnetic alignment so that there’s no hassle with wires when swapping out modules. The Blocks can also work independently or with other PCs.

“Blocks” such as the 500GB/1TB hot-swappable Portable Hard Drive will be available at launch, while a Wireless Power Bank for wireless charging, an Audio Block with speakers and microphones, and other expansion “Blocks” will be rolled out gradually.

No pricing has been announced yet.

You can find out more information about the Acer Revo mini at the source link below.

Source: Acer

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