During an event in New York earlier today Microsoft unveiled their new Windows 10 S operating system, which has been designed for people who want a faster, more performant, and an easy to use notebook.

Despite unveiling their own notebook during the event, there will be manufacturers other than Microsoft creating new devices that have been designed for Windows 10 S, and you will be able to upgrade Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S if you so choose to.

Acer is one of the first to unveil their own laptop designed for the Windows 10 S OS. Called the TravelMate Spin B1, it is a ruggedized convertible notebook that has been designed specifically for use in education.

One of the main features of the device is the 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display that has been fitted to a 360-degree hinge to allow it to move between modes in a similar way to the Yoga laptops, with a laptop, Tent, and Stand mode to choose from in horizontal and vertical viewing modes.

That display is also pressure resistant and the entire case is protected by shock-absorbent rubber bumpers.

To top that off, the chiclet keyboard is also resistant to up to 11 ounces of water and has an inbuilt channel system to divert liquids away from the internal components.

In terms of other specifications, the B1 comes with an Intel Celeron processor, an in-built graphics card and 64GB of internal storage.

To top that off, it also has 4GB of RAM, with dual-band 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac wireless. Acer also says that it will be able to run for up to 13 hours from a single charge.

Getting to connectivity, the B1 has Bluetooth 4.0, a single USB 3.0 port, a single USB 2.0 port, and a HDMI port.

It will retail for $299 when it goes on sale in the US later this month, unfortunately, we don’t know about pricing or availability for other regions just yet.



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