Today Acer unveiled a brand new and pretty impressive 4K HDR monitor alongside a number of new tablets and a laptop.

Called the Predator X27, it comes with G-Sync technology in-built and is capable of showing content at a 4K resolution and at a rate of 144Hz.

It has been based on quantum dot technology and features a total of 384 individually controlled LED zones that drive the monitor and help to produce the contrast needed for great HDR playback.

The X27 will also come with support for Nvidia’s Ultra Low Motion Blue(ULMB) technology, which pretty much makes pictures look smoother, and it will come with that Tobii eye-tracking that not many people have used more than once, so that’s a thing.

You can take a closer look at the monitor via the video below.

Acer didn’t reveal pricing or availability for the monitor at the announcement, however, we expect that this find won’t be budget friendly.

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