Activision recently released not one but two games, during the last few months, or Q3 2014 in particular the game publisher announced that they made a total of $753 million in net revenue, which is a 9 percent increase from the publisher’s $691 million in revenue that they announced for the same period last year.

A record level or 67 percent of the company’s revenue for Q3 also come from digital channels, however they also reported that they made a $23 million net loss, which is quite the drop from the $56 million in net loss that was reported for the same quarter last year.

Activision also raised its full-year projections shortly after releasing its financial results, with expectations set at 2 percent higher than what was previously projected.

The publisher now expects to earn $4.325 bullion in net revenue for 2014, $1.492 billion of which is expected to come from the next quarter.

To finish things off the publisher finally revealed that Destiny had reached 9.5 million registered players, which refers to “unique PlayStation Network / Xbox Live accounts, while multiple characters per account are not factored in.”

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