This week the digital branding agency Neely & Daughters unveiled a new pair of Adidas trainers that they have been working on.

Called the Mi Adidas TR-808 sneakers, they are a pair of basketball hi-tops and feature a TR-808 drum machine built right into them, which is where it gets its name frame.

This drum machine isn’t new and it is in fact, one of the most well-known drum machines around and dates all the way back to the early 80s.

The big difference is that now that the drum machine is in a pair of boots, you will be able to create your own tunes right from your boots.

They also feature a volume control on the side of the shows, with controls for switching between six pre-programmed settings.

They don’t have any plans to release this pair of shoes at any point just yet, however, you can check them out in the video below, that will just have to do.

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