Adobe has today announced a couple new projects during its MAX conference today, announcing a new pressure-sensitive pen named ‘Project Mighty’ that will work with various tablets and software from Adobe, allowing the user to draw with a pen, as they normally.

Alongside which, is a new ruler named Napoleon which can be used to keep your lines straight.

Mighty can also store colour palettes, brush settings, and a clipboard stored in the cloud, the Mighty will also connect via Bluetooth and work with Adobe’s current iPad applications including Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe ideas.

Adobe are yet to reveal any details for either of the new projects, but they have announced that developer testing has already begun.

Adobe also mentioned that they will be adding the following to its Creative Suite,  Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Flash Professional, and Edge Reflow, which will join already existing apps like,  InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, and Photoshop for £38.12 per month from June.

There are some deals however, existing CS3 to CS5.5 customers can pick up the first year of Creative Cloud for £22.22 per month, students and teachers also for £22.22 per month and CS6 users can grab it for £13.53 a month, something that might be appreciated as Creative Cloud is in fact replacing that version of the software.

You can find  out some of the other new features in the video below:

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