Adobe has today announced a new set of updates for its Creative Cloud platform, bringing a total of 14 new software developments to the platform as a whole, they have updated versions of software that includes Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

In Photoshop they have added new Blur Gallery motion effects, with a new feature called Focus Mask that makes portrait shots with shallow depth stand out, alongside new Content-Aware capabilities, and Perspective Warp, which fluidly adjusts the perspective of a specific part of your image without affecting the surrounding area.

Illustrator CC has also got a new feature called Live Shapes, which allows you to quickly transform rectangles into more complex shapes, alongside faster rendering of vector graphics, with GPU acceleration on any Windows machine with an Adobe-certified NVIDIA graphics card.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has also got Live Text Templates with Masking and Tracking.

Adobe also launched three new apps for the iPad which include Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line and Adobe Photoshop Mix.

Members of the Creative Cloud can download the update for free today.

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