There isn’t much to choose from in the Windows 8 Store right now, which may leave some early Surface buyers a little frustrated, however for those who have been waiting, Adobe have finally launched their own app for Windows 8 and RT users, that’s sure to liven up the store a little.

Adobe Photoshop Express launched for Windows 8 and RT users today, completely free it will be supplemented by in-app purchases, much like on iOS you basically pay for more features as you need them.

Designed for touch screens, each batch of features will cost £2.19 for 20 features, there’s also a noise reduction filter pack that includes two modes of adjustment for an extra £3.50.  

The images you chose to edit, can either be loaded from your PC/ tablets in-built storage or from the attached camera/ webcam, or even from the Revel service, which basically lets you sync photos across devices on their cloud based service.

You can try out the app free on the Windows 8 app store today.

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